Christine Bonansea & Chris Ziegler are resident artists of EU dance and technology initiative MODINA (2023-2026) at Tanzhaus NRW. Under the title YUGEN (Japanese = mystery and depth), the two are researching the tension between digital technologies and the intense physicality on stage. In the context of Temps d'Images, they provide insight into this exciting work process. Bonansea & Ziegler experiment with a motion capture suit and develop a pas de deux between a human dancer and a VR avatar in a feedback loop. This looping transmission process is interrupted and altered to find again or anew the physical and individual quality of human expression in the mirror of its artificiality.

The three-year Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience (MODINA) project brings together three academic institutions and five dance houses in six European countries. It aims to expand the creative possibilities for contemporary dance performance and enhance the experience for audiences through the use of digital technology - with a focus on exploring artificial intelligence (AI) and audience interaction, on-site and online.

Premiere 13. Jan 2024 at "Temps d'Image" Festival Tanzhaus NRW 9.-14. January 2024. Tanzhaus NRW

Supported MODINA EU Network on Dance and Technology, Tanzhaus NRW and MIREVI Mixed Reality Lab, FH Düsseldorf, Universität Tallinn (Estland) (Coordinator) Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (Estland), Hochschule Düsseldorf (Deutschland), Tanzhaus NRW (Deutschland), ITI, IST-ID, Universität von Lissabon (Portugal)
Kino Siska (Slowenien), Trafo (Ungarn), CNDB (Rumänien)

30/09 -> 01/10/2024Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Tallinn [Showings MODINA EU resdiency]
27/10 -> 01/11/2024Trafó, Budapest [Showings MODINA EU resdiency]
26/11 -> 28/11/2024Kino Šiška, Ljubljana [Showings MODINA EU resdiency]